Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

Motivate your remote teams while they're working from their home places.

Bring your remote teams together with our virtual team building activities, great game-sharing experiences – all without leaving the comfort and safety of your place!

With several themes to choose from as part of a Virtual Team Building Activities portfolio, we’ll facilitate team interaction through live video stream and our award-winning app. 

With a helping hand from a remote event manager, our shared activities are the perfect solution to bring your employees together encouraging team bonding, morale, and plenty of laughs for teams that work remotely. 

Latest Virtual Team Building Programs

Around the World

Your body may stay in the same room from beginning to end of the game, but your mind will travel around the world and visit 22 countries across 65,000 virtual kilometers.
There’s something for everyone in this activity, designed to test your team’s strategy, creativity and ingenuity.

Significon-Time-5122  up to 120 minutes

  10 to 120 persons

Virtual Team Building
virtual murder mystery team building

The Virtual Murder Mistery

The scenario is a murder that happen at an estate and the brightest investigators were called to solve it, the investigators are our teams.

The teams are challenged to think and solve the crime, by analyzing all the clues and profiles provided.

Are your detective skills sharp enough to solve the murder and catch the killer?

Significon-Time-5122  up to 120 minutes

  10 to 120 persons

More Virtual Team Building Programs

The Virtual Escape Challenge 

best seller

A highly engaging team building where teams need to master their logic, problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking skills all at once through a virtual escape room concept. This challenge presents the opportunity for the participants to put their creative problem-solving skills to the test whilst completing a series of cryptic tasks, riddles, and puzzles, with the goal of escaping the room – all played through an interactive app. read more

Significon-Time-5122 up to 120 minutes

From 10 to 120 person

The Virtual Away Day

The aim of the game is simple … Score as many points as possible before you run out of time! Working in remote teams, you will need to decide upon the best answer to each question to win maximum points. read more

Significon-Time-5122  up to 120 minutes

  10 to 120 person

The Daily Kick-Off

What better way to kick off your day than with this motivational experience to uplift the team. Daily tasks can be set to release to player’s devices every morning for up to one month. read more


Significon-Time-5122  5 minutes / day – 7 days (minimum)

  10 to 120 persons


The Virtual Team Quiz

The Virtual Team Quiz Challenge was designed to replace the after-work social, encouraging teams to let their hair down and have a laugh! With plenty of laughs, this challenge will create that feeling of unity without the need to actually be together. read more

Significon-Time-5122  up to 120 minutes

  10 to 120 persons

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