Music is a universal language. Music breaks down barriers of hierarchy, age, gender, culture, and language and it’s the true unifier among people.

Since the first commercial boats, man has used Drums to mark the rhythm and to set rowers on the same page. Today in a nonslavery world, Drums still have the power to unite people into the same endeavor. In Africa, for example, before any major tribal decision is made, the community gathers to make music. This collaborative creation creates a sense of unity that enables more effective decision making in favor of the community.

Bringing the same approach to team building is a great way to bond teams and to transport the music communication to company environment.

But how drumming can create a fun, easy going but powerful team bonding event?

Social Gathering

It’s interesting to look at how music has evolved as part of our culture through the years.

Until the invention of recorded sound, music could only be experienced live. This means we are socially conditioned to associate music with people coming together. It connects people.

We now have the ability to experience music on an individual basis such as putting in our headphones and press play. This experience of music can be repeated over and over again and produce similar results.

However, music in a live form brings a unique experience that can’t be repeated. The main reasons are not only the physical aspects of that performance but also the connection we establish with the people that share that experience with us.


Our mind is attracted to sounds or rhythms that are pleasing. To create pleasing music, we need to order layers of rhythms to harmonize with each other and this requires co-ordination.

It is proven that we feel closer and more connected with people who are helping us to achieve this. Therefore, if we are drumming in time or singing the same note as a group of people we are “in synch”.


Music is perfect for uniting people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities.

With organizations that may work in silos (when the sales team may not connect with customer service department, for example), this is the perfect way to get everyone mixed up together.

Similarly, the CEO of the company and a new employee who has been with the company a few weeks can be side by side using their drums in the same way, irrelevant of the hieratical structure.

Derek Sivers publish a very popular clip where he dissects how a movement is creating from a dancing guy and the power of uniting people.


People need to have fun. The more we laugh, joke and celebrate together – the stronger the bond between us will feel after experiencing these things together.

The experience of drumming in a group is unique, and it leaves an impression. People are sure to go home talking about how their corporate group was Interactive drumming is an inexpensive activity, in comparison with other teambuilding and entertainment options.

Drumming is simply the most powerful tool for team-building and the most exciting form of entertainment for companies.

In smallWORLD Experience we developed a series of Music based team building and Drumming team building. See how it works in the video below:

No one does it better!


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