Virtual Escape Challenge

Solving problems, communication and critical thinking skills all at once for your team.

Program Outline

After dividing the group into teams, the activity will start with a briefing of their Mission. The Mission starts in a locked office and teams are given a set time limit to unveil the secret color code, which is hidden within the room. They are required to work their way out through unpick pieces of evidence, unravel cryptic messages and avoid the curveballs that will be thrown at them along the way! Using image recognition technology, teams will have to scan the right objects to unlock tasks, testing challenges and codes to break, working together using logic and creativity. This activity will test the team’s attention to detail, require an exceptional memory and help to develop team working and communication skills.



clock white-01 1,5 to 2 hours
location-01-01  Indoor
outcome-01 Remote / Virtual Team building
users minimum white-01 From 10 to 120 person

Key Business Benefits

Achievement-icon-01 Cooperation

Achievement-icon-01 Interaction

Achievement-icon-01 Fun & Motivation

Achievement-icon-01  Stimulating Creativity

 Achievement-icon-01Team Dynamics

Achievement-icon-01 Team Work

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