Playing games to increase your team performance

Real deal or complete gibberish?

In the HR community, companies are increasingly implementing gamification as a method to drive higher employee engagement on company goals. In fact, gamification is the root of all our collective sports and activities, and it’s key to motivate people to engage in those activities and their objectives.

By tapping to employees innate love of playing games, companies are able to unite teams to solve problems and create results in a positive and fun way.

Bringing gamification benefits to the workplace is a key challenge for HR departments around the world but a challenge that greatly impacts the performance of employees and teams within the company.

There are several examples of how companies have successfully implemented gamification programs to achieve better results. One great example is how Cisco – one of world’s leading IT companies successfully implemented an exhausting Social Media training program through gamification.

In smallWORLD Experience we believe in the power of games and on bringing games as a method to bring people together.

Our team building activities vary through different experiences: to explore the city within a treasure hunt, or to a more palate oriented with the Wine & Gourmet Casino themed event. But all of our activities have incorporated on their root a strong sense of gaming.

However, our strong belief in how gamification can be a successful method of team bonding, last year we introduced a great number of indoor team building activities that are even more focused on bringing gamification to team building and therefore to the workplace.

One of them is the “Born to Race”. This activity challenges employees to create an F1 car with cardboard some pieces of wood. We provide the tools and the schematic and leave the newly created teams to create together a high-speed cardboard F1 car.

In the end, the teams will test their creations by giving a try to their cars in a sprint race. Despite this race only has a winner, is fair to acknowledge that in the end, everyone’s a winner in the contest of being part of a team and work on a common goal.

This activity is a key contributor to bring collaboration to the workplace and a key starting point for any team retreat or sales meeting.

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