How could good deeds create great teams?

CSR Team building and its impact on your team bonding and motivation

According to recent studies, volunteering represents an essential part of population lives. 58 percent of the population claims that volunteering represents a vital role in their lives and gives a sense of purpose to their lives.

Employer-supported volunteer program can bring considerable benefits to the organization. Despite the pressure on resources, companies are aware of the importance of these programs.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is now an emerging part of organization core culture. CSR brings the same sense of purpose of volunteering to the company mission, by aligning the corporation with a “greater purpose”.

This perspective allows employees to perceive organizations as makers of a positive impact on the world as well as profit makers. This new movement is more than a conscious relief tryout but as a critical part of a company’s core values.

Today, smart companies are rethinking their role in society as well as their roles and relationship with employees and the communities that they live in. Within some organizations, CSR is now a clear focus of companies and its personified in new positions.

But why are CSR and volunteer beneficial to your company:

  • Volunteering as a learning experience:
    Volunteer programs provide an opportunity for participants to develop a wide range of skills and competencies. These can be part of the learning development plan. Besides technical skills related to the volunteering experience, employees can also develop better communication, team working skills and leadership skills.


  • Talent acquisition and motivation:
    CSR activities are a key factor to improve employers perception of a company’s mission. This perception can improve talent acquisition, motivation, and retention of human resources.


  • Brand awareness:
    By its role in adding value to the society, CSR and volunteering programs can give your company an increased visibility and positive media coverage.

And last but not least.

  • It’s the right thing to do:
    Since CSR main goal is to give back to the society there are no bigger reasons rather than “it’s the right thing to do”.


smallWORLD Experience knows the importance of CSR and we created unique CSR Team Building programs.

One of our most famous programs is Toy Makers.

Toy Makers is an involving team building activity that will have you use your creativity, leadership and communication skills in a healthy competitive environment.

Plus to this guests will have the invaluable feeling of helping a social organization to provide a better quality of life to the local children.


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